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If you're going Backpacking in Australia then it's important that you book a flight that allows you to change the return date either for free or for a small fee, especially if you're taking a gap year or going to work and travel around Australia. This is because your plans may change and you might decide to stay in Australia longer than you first intended.

And make sure you take into consideration where you're stopping off and for how long.

Booking the cheapest flight might save you a little bit of money, but you might end up spending twenty hours sitting in a boring airport somewhere.


We recommend booking your flight online directly with the airline, that way if you need to make any changes you can deal directly with them and won't have to go through a third-party. However it's a good idea to use websites such as Skyscanner or Expedia to search for the best deals, then go to directly to the airlines website to book. And if you have the time to shop around then go and speak to a Travel Agent and see if they can find a better deal for you. 



Most flights that go to Australia will need to stop off somewhere. And most flights from Europe will either stop off in Dubai, China, Japan or somewhere in South-East Asia.

We recommend that you book a flight that stops off somewhere in South-East Asia, preferably Bangkok or Hanoi. That way when you're on your way home you can extend your stopover time from a few hours to a couple of weeks (usually for free) and experience some of Asia!
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Unfortunately flying across the world is one of the worst producers of carbon dioxide, which is warming our planet.

However a lot of airlines will give you the option to pay a tiny bit extra to offset your carbon emissions when you book your flight. For around the price of a cup of coffee, we think it's the least we can all do to help reduce the impact flying is having on climate change.

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